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K-12 Information | School Directories / Listings

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Pick a state and don't put in anything in the "School's first name" box and you'll get a listing of all the schools in that state. Otherwise, it does a search by school's first name and state. Once you've found the school you want, this site will give you information on the school such as a map where it is located, administrators, contact addresses, number of students, grades, homeroom classrooms, school information, mascot, school colors, technology related information, and if given by the school an alumni directory, online yearbook, wish list, school calendar, create-a-note, local links, education connection, creative corner, and local weather.

Links to State Departments of Education web pages from there go to school divisions or districts then go to the individual schools.

Can be confusing at times to navigate but if you go to school districts you'll get to their web page and from there you can get to the individual schools in that district.

Find and compare K-12 schools and districts, learn about test scores, and more.

Offering a wide array of information about military schools, military safety and military knowledge.

Put out by the U.S. Department of Education- gives you the web address of the State Department of Education and from there you have to find the list of school districts then eventually to the schools.


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