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College Planning

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Resources on planning a career, selecting a school, and paying for school. Online newsletter College Bound.

Links to Catholic colleges and universities across the US.

Provides college finance news, advice, rates and information from

Learn about the type of loans, compare loans and apply online.

Search for information about colleges and universities, scholarships and financial aid.

College Planning Network (CPN) is a Seattle-based, nonprofit organization, assisting people seeking educational opportunities, and serving the Pacific Northwest. CPN's free scholarship search was designed as a gift to CPN by Microsoft. For more information on CPN or our sponsors, please click the appropriate icon. For more information on CPN programs, visit About CPN . Visitor evaluations of this site are encouraged. Visit our calendar of CPN workshops.

College costs, unfortunately, continue to rise faster than inflation. We can help you find solutions to achieve your education goals.

Site designed to link people to state's program and provide information about the association serving the state college savings plans.

The web site for college-bound students including admissions, financial aid, and institutional information.

Searchable index of over 800 college web sites.

The good news? Your child has been accepted to several colleges. The bad news? Now you have to figure out how to pay for it.

Contains education saving strategies to help with paying for college.

Contains a financial aid glossary with the most commonly used terms and acronyms.

Many who leave the military decide to take advantage of the GI Bill and other education benefits in their post-military careers through enrollment in higher education degree or certificate programs. This transition to civilian life can be challenging, and adjusting to academic life — especially with a traumatic brain injury — can add additional challenges and stress. A major challenge for student veterans with TBI is their lack of knowledge of how to access services at college campuses, or that help is even available.

Contains an informational article with advice to make your college scholarship search a little easier.

Provides information on private scholarship and funding resources to help pay for college tuition.

Contains and informational article or ways to start saving for your children's college tuition.

So Junior's about to head off to college. And while his head is full of frat parties and co-eds, yours is full of panic as to how you're going to foot the bill. If finances are tight, chances are you're going to have to rely on some combination of savings, financial aid and student loans. While all this may seem daunting, keep in mind that millions of students march off to college each year -- most with parents like you who need some assistance with the expense.

Based on how much you've already saved, the rate you expect your savings to grow and how quickly you expect college costs to rise, we'll tell you how much you should be socking away on a monthly basis.

The cost of college. Four simple words that strike fear in the hearts of parents everywhere. However frightening the skyrocketing costs of sending a child to a top-tier private college, there's good news. The growth of college costs is finally cooling down, and even better, a little planning goes a long way towards contributing to this expense.

Advice and tools to help pay for college, including a free scholorship search, FAFSA assistance, and information on savings plans, tax benefits, school costs, and student financial aid.

Contains information on saving for college.

A directory of college and university homepages around the world, testing resources, and research tools.

Provides student loan information including the three most common government-sponsored education loans are called Stafford loans, Perkins loans and Plus loans.

Provides tips of how to compare what you think you could earn in a regular taxable account with what you'd earn with a 529 college-savings plan, you can figure out the best way to save.

Provides resources to help you find the best way to stretch your college dollars.

Site for high school, international and transfer students who want to find the right college or university, plus information and guidance on scholarships, careers, majors, financial aid and more.

Index of university and community colleges in the US.


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