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Provides news, general tax information, federal and state forms and links, and filing information.

Provides information and resources regarding taxes and filing tax returns.

One of the scariest things about addiction is that it can make a person do things they never thought they would — and for some, that means committing fraud. Some people in the throes of substance abuse become so desperate to satisfy their intense cravings and avoid withdrawal that they steal money, credit cards, or even someone’s identity to fund their habit. It’s devastating to think an addicted loved one could commit such a heinous crime, especially if you are the victim. An addiction issue is by no means justification for committing such acts, but understanding how someone can be driven to that extreme is an important factor in addressing the issue.

Tax resources specifically for the Armed Forces, from the Internal Revenue Service.

Provides news, advice, and information on Taxes from

Includes articles and resources on dealing with your taxes.

Contains links and information to all state tax web sites and state tax forms.

Contains forms, advice, tools, answers to common tax questions and more.

Provides information and links with tips and information, tax planning tools, help with choosing best tax preparation method, how to do taxes, finding a tax preparer by zip code, get an estimated refund, and future planning.

How to prevent identity theft.

Provides trusted 4506T form fulfillment income tax verification services, automated and guided ordering capabilities, advanced quality screening, delivery of key financial data in a summarized income verification report, and centralized access to support single users or multiple branches.

Tax Publication from the Internal Revenue Service including tax statistics, information, electronic services, forms and publications.

Contains resources for military members to take advantage of free tax preparation by volunteers.

Contains article on tax breaks related to military personnel from the Military Family Tax Relief Act of 2003 signed by President Bush on November 11, 2003, from the Internal Revenue Service.

Contains Q&A article for military members regarding military pay exclusion combat zone service, from the Internal Revenue Service.

Article from the Internal Revenue Service web site with Tax Information for Members of the Armed Forces.

Experts in tax return preparation and processing, promising fast, accurate, trustworthy professional service for each customer. Contains useful tools, tips, and financial resources, including a tax resource center.

Provides online tax advice, tax preparation help, income tax tips and much more.

Money Central's tax guide offers information on recent tax-law changes, advice on how to avoid mistakes, investment strategies and a tax estimator.

Provides many tools, rates, rules, downloadable tax forms and publications, discussions, and quick answers.

Provides tips on how to reduce taxes with links to other tax resources.

Provides a basic guide to year-end tax planning, capital gains, the alternative minimum tax, and home-office and investment expenses. Includes 30 ways to cut your tax bill and advice on how to avoid an audit.

The mission of the Tax Foundation is to educate taxpayers about sound tax policy and the size of the tax burden borne by Americans at all levels of government.

A subsidiary of The Bureau of National Affairs including tax news and analysis, legislation, customer support, product information, and useful tax links.

Contains free tax software, tax library with forms, tips and publications.

Contains tax advice, tools and articles for dealing with taxes.

Many resources and links including tax publications, tax scams, tax information, frequently asked questions and hot tax topics.

Get Your Maximum Tax Refund – Turbo Tax Deluxe maximizes deductions for mortgage interest, donations, education, and more.

Contains tax forms, tax help, IRS problems and solutions, and online resources. Research IRS documents.

Access to the complete text of the US Internal Revenue Code in a variety of ways, hyperlinks have been embedded in the code to permit cross-references between sections.

Donating online is a quick and convenient way to give to charity, but it also comes with drawbacks that donors need to be aware of. To help you donate online both effectively and safely.

Provides a directory of tax related information and resources.

Provides many tax resources including tax refund estimator, online tax filing, tax preparation checklist, tax tools and tips.


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